The GW3300 integrates GEO’s patented eWARP® core with a Tensilica® Xtensa CPU and DDR3 interface, providing a powerful platform for addressing complex video applications.

The GW3300’s fully programmable geometric processing engine provides the flexibility and performance to correct pincushion/barrel distortion and keystone artifacts for video projection systems such as Head-up Display, Pico Projector, home theater, and business projector applications or large area projector installations such as stadium and tradeshow installations. The processor also provides a solution for multi-projector systems providing 1/32nd pixel accuracy for precise convergence and alignment using AutoCal®, followed by and stitching to create a seamless unified video image.

Real-time programmability using the embedded eWARP® APIs enables designing simple efficient user interfaces for aligning and calibrating complex systems.

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GW3300 Block Diagram

Advanced Geometric Processing

  • GEO’s proprietary eWARP® processing engine
  • Advanced edge blending
  • Brightness non-uniformity correction
  • Precise convergence and alignment using AutoCal®, followed by stitching
  • Projection on curved surfaces
  • Full warp capability

eWARP® Embedded Processing

  • Highly flexible programmable warp maps
  • Real-time on-the-fly generation of warp maps
  • Frame by frame warp map updates
  • Very low latency mode (typically 1/6th of a frame)
  • Multi-video stitching with edge blending, precise convergence, brightness and non-uniformity correction support
  • Keystone correction
  • Pincushion/barrel distortion correction
  • Zoom/shrink scaling
  • Selectable multiple views from a single video stream


  • Head-Up Displays
  • Pico Projectors
  • Business Projectors
  • Multi-projector stitching and alignment
  • IP Surveillance cameras
  • Multi-camera stitching and alignment
  • Ultra wide angle cameras
  • Video conferencing and telepresence
  • Ultra short throw projectors

Inputs/Outputs, Video Formats

  • Input Interfaces: 4-lane MIPI, Parallel
  • Output Interfaces: 1-lane MIPI, Parallel
  • Input Formats:
    – 8/10-bit YUV 4:2:2 over 8/10-bit or 16/20-bit interface
    – 16/24/30-bit RGB
    – 24/30-bit YUV 4:4:4
  • Output Formats:
    – 8/10-bit YUV 4:2:2 over 8/10-bit or 16/20-bit interface
    – 24/30-bit RGB
  • Pixel rates up to 200 MHz:
    – 2560 x 1600 at 30 Hz
    – 1920 x 1080 at 60 Hz
    – 1280 x 720 at 120 Hz
    – 4k x 4k at 7.5 Hz

Memory Interface

  • DDR3 SDRAM memory up to 600 MHz

System Connectivity

  • TWI Slave/ SPI Master/ SPI Slave, TWI Bus Interfaces

Power and Voltage

  • Power Supplies: 1.8 V ±5%, 1.5 V ±5%, 1.1 V ±5%
  • DDR3 SDRAM voltage: 1.5V ±5%
  • Typical power consumption:
    – 573 mW for 1080p60, no ISP, with DDR
    – 175 mW for 720p60, no ISP, no DDR


  • 361-pin TFBGA, 12mm x 12mm x 1.1mm, 0.5mm pitch
  • RoHS/Lead-Free

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GW3300 Block Diagram